Friday, May 15, 2009

Bombshell Now On Amazon

Bombshell is now available for purchase on This is most likely the best buying choice for my friends in other countries as I hear that Lulu charges a lot for shipping outside the US.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Finished Writing "Chelsea's Demon"

This part was based entirely on a dream I had.

Crysta had always used the guise of “having a little fun” to do her most degrading or otherwise bad things. She and Chelsea were heartbroken when Crysta’s parents decided to move back down the mountain to be closer to their jobs, and though Crysta often came back up to visit Chelsea every weekend, sometimes the girls would just stay at Crysta’s house in East Highland. She had a nice little McMansion there with a handful of bedrooms, and the neighborhood was safe to walk in.

One time when they were on one of their walks when they were about 15 years old, Crysta decided to wear a midriff top with cherries all over it, even though Chelsea laughed it off as being pretty slutty. They walked along Baseline road, a brick wall covered in different vines and plants on one side of the sidewalk they walked on. Across the street were the foothills, rounded mounds that seemed to roll their way up to the big mountains they sat foot at; covered in dry brush as usual. Chelsea had her camera strapped around her neck so she could snap some shots along the way, stopping to shoot a single ragweed plant, an ancient looking fire hydrant, or some lantana growing by the wall.

They were walking and talking for a while, just shooting the shit about random boy stuff or teachers at their schools, when all of the sudden a powder-painted yellow truck pulled up beside them. The man inside was wearing a cowboy hat and a flannel shirt, he was kind of homely but he had a really nice looking beard. Naturally Chelsea drew back in fear that he might be trying to kidnap the girls, but Crysta smiled and skipped up to his truck, putting her hands on the edge of the door where the window was rolled down.

“Hi CJ,” she said cutely.

“Well hey there Crys, how you ladies been?” he said, glancing at Chelsea and tipping his hat. “Y’all want a ride?” he asked in his obviously fake southern accent. A cross on a silver chain hung from his neck.

“No CJ, we’re all right,” Crysta said. “Pick me up later though, okay?”

“You sure? It looks like a storm is heading in,” he said while pointing to the dark gray clouds overhead.

“Just pick me up at my house at like nine, okay?” and with that CJ tipped his hat and drove off.

“Who the fuck was that?” Chelsea asked her in disbelief.

“He lives by me,” she answered as they started walking again. Chelsea snapped a picture of his license plate as he drove away just in case.

“Crysta that guy was like 25, what in the hell is he picking you up for?”

“He’s cute! Don’t you love his beard?”

“A little, but Crysta don’t get yourself into trouble,” she said as she stopped to take a picture of some bright purple and yellow plants growing on a sage covered hill in the distance, the light being quite perfect as the sun broke through the clouds to shine down on the scene.

“I just want to have a little fun, is all,” Crysta said dismissively, and that night Chelsea had her mom pick her up early instead of spending the night as she had planned. When Marina asked if the girls had a fight, she said “No, Crysta’s just not feeling well I guess.” Even when she felt that something was wrong, Chelsea always covered for her friend.