Sunday, September 28, 2008

Your Opinion Is Needed!

After a lot of deliberating in my brain I have decided to put out the possibility of using a different cover for Bombshell. This is because I am sort of rethinking the theme that I used with The Fight for Golden Dawn (black background with a framed photograph) simply because Golden Dawn has a sequel coming in a few years, and Bombshell is the first of a series of three, so perhaps their covers shouldn't match so much.

But ultimately, you are the consumer and you really decide these kind of things, so I ask you...Which of these covers would you be most likely to pick up at the book store? Which is most attractive? Your comments are appreciated and there is also a poll in the sidebar.

First we have the original, for voting purposes I will call it "belly."

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Next, I have one that I designed using some Creative Commons for Work licensed photos that I found, I will call this one "watching" in the poll.

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And this last one which I used more CC photos and a photo of my own, I stepped away from the dark covers and went with "white"

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Please help me decide which of these you like! Your help is appreciated!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another Giveaway Is Coming!

As you may or may not know, I have been giving away one signed copy of The Fight for Golden Dawn away per month for the past two months, and on through November. The drawing is done on the last day of the month, and it looks like September is almost over so the next drawing is coming up quick!

If you haven't already registered at and added me to your friends list, do so now so you can enter to win. But don't forget to add The Fight for Golden Dawn to your To Be Read list so I know that you want to win a copy.

Also, be sure to mark your calendars for my live reading of Golden Dawn on October 6th at 8:00 PM Pacific at You may have already read the first five chapters, but you might be interested in hearing the live reading of several of the end chapters of the book, so be sure to check that out.

Good luck to all of you, and thanks for all of your support.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

aNobii Now Has "Golden Dawn" In Its Database

aNobii, a cool online bookshelf organizing website that helps you track your current, past, and future reads now has The Fight for Golden Dawn in its database for you to add to your bookshelf (and please do so!) You can find my aNobii profile here. Thank you to Leah for adding the book to the site.

There are a number of online bookshelf sites out there, and aNobii looks to be one of the cooler ones. I personally use Goodreads to track my books, and you can find my profile here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Site. You Like?

Hi, Jessie here (of course, because who else would be posting to Certainly not an agent or other third party, right?)

Just wanted to give my site a slightly easier to edit and more web 2.0 format so I've essentially turned it into a blog. This will make it easier for you to follow any updates regarding readings, signings, and new books as they happen. Do yourself a favor and subscribe, you'll be glad that you did.

As for current news, I am going to be doing a live reading of a few chapters that you haven't yet had the pleasure of reading from The Fight for Golden Dawn at 8:00 PM Pacific on Monday, October 6th on Bring friends.

You might also be interested in knowing that I have TWO more copies to give away of The Fight for Golden Dawn between now and November 1st. All you need to do is sign up at if you aren't already a member, add me as a friend, and then mark The Fight for Golden Dawn as To Be Read. I draw names on the last day of the month, and yours could be one of them! Already Leah from Canada and Blair from Germany have won copies, and as an author from a little podunk town like Beaumont it is very cool to see my books going to other countries to be read.

As for the latest news with my upcoming novel Bombshell, a trailer (that you might have previewed on my personal blog) will be coming soon. The book's release date is February 11th, 2009, and there will hopefully be a lot of giveaways with that book even before its release thanks to the help of a kindly anonymous sponsor.

Thank you so much to everyone who visits here, to everyone who has read my novel or who wants to read it, and for everyone who came here via the bookmarks that I randomly left places. And of course, thank you to the folks who picked up my books at the Solara Library in Beaumont.

Jessie Terwilliger


Coming 2/11/09

Bombshell is the story of a topless dancer who dreams of being a cop, and the handsome Sheriff's deputy who falls in love with her.

Marina "Shimmer" Hudson dances at the Whispers Gentleman's Club. Marina's patience wears thin with her boyfriend Matt the rare coin collector as she questions whether or not she truly loves him, and even more thin with the customers at the club who speak rudely to her or break the always enforced "no touch rule" during lap dances. With prostitution and scandal all around her, she cannot wait to finally realize her destiny of finally getting her badge and saying goodbye to this shady life forever.

One night when the owner of the club is killed, Marina meets Deputy Graham Green, who promises to help her get to academy. But does Graham's haunting past deter her from accepting his help or will she succumb to the feelings of love that have been brewing all the while?

And can he be trusted?

With her loyal dancer friend Silver at her side, what will be Marina's fate?

Bombshell is a clever story with plenty of poignant moments, packed with humor and sorrow. Jessie Terwilliger brings you into the exotic dancing industry in this spicy and zealous tale with her brilliant prose, and will leave you thirsting for more. In a story that could be the closest thing to a love story that Terwilliger ever writes, you'll see why this new author is obviously a gift to the world of literary fiction.

The Fight for Golden Dawn

Available at:

Rachel and Steven Kade’s two-year-old daughter Danica has been taken by Child Protective Services for what Rachel believes is a mistake.Dani is placed in the care of her Aunt Brooke, Steven’s younger sister.In the beginning of the ordeal, Rachel is panic stricken and desperate to get her daughter back, but Steven has other “priorities,” including smoking pot with his friends, telling anyone who will listen to his conspiracy theories about anything from aliens to the Freemasons, and he and Brooke’s mother who is dying of liver disease in a nursing home after a life of alcoholism.

Brooke attempts to sort through the resentment that she has for her brother while caring for his daughter, but finds it almost impossible to even entertain the idea that the man is even sane and stable enough to be a father in the first place!She soon finds that even Rachel is not as concerned as she first appeared to be in fighting to get her daughter back, as she seems more interested in shopping on her mother’s dollar and forgiving Steven for his courtroom outbursts, outrageous antics, and his desertion as a father and husband.

After his mother’s passing, Steven delves deeper into insanity, and tries to convince Rachel and Brooke of his belief that Danica is the second coming of Christ and that the Freemasons were the ones behind her detainment.Steven believes that if he doesn’t save her they will kill her.Now everyone is headed their separate ways, Steven trying to save Dani from the Freemasons, Brooke trying to protect Dani from her unfit parents, Rachel trying to save her marriage to Steven, meanwhile a shady and deceitful social worker is trying to pull Danica away from everyone she’s ever known by placing her with some hopeful adoptive parents.

In this cautionary tale of the fate of a small child, you will find yourself questioning parental rights, and you’ll be torn between anger, fear, and sympathy for all who are involved.The Fight for Golden Dawn is a story that will give you a new perspective on foster care and parental rights, and just how much the government should or shouldn’t be allowed to intervene in a child’s life.

"Page-turning debut novel based upon a real life story. Dialogue heavy writing is fast-paced and interesting."

" This book will tick you off, and rip your heart out. That's saying a lot for any book."

-reviewers from Goodreads