Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Fight for Golden Dawn

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Rachel and Steven Kade’s two-year-old daughter Danica has been taken by Child Protective Services for what Rachel believes is a mistake.Dani is placed in the care of her Aunt Brooke, Steven’s younger sister.In the beginning of the ordeal, Rachel is panic stricken and desperate to get her daughter back, but Steven has other “priorities,” including smoking pot with his friends, telling anyone who will listen to his conspiracy theories about anything from aliens to the Freemasons, and he and Brooke’s mother who is dying of liver disease in a nursing home after a life of alcoholism.

Brooke attempts to sort through the resentment that she has for her brother while caring for his daughter, but finds it almost impossible to even entertain the idea that the man is even sane and stable enough to be a father in the first place!She soon finds that even Rachel is not as concerned as she first appeared to be in fighting to get her daughter back, as she seems more interested in shopping on her mother’s dollar and forgiving Steven for his courtroom outbursts, outrageous antics, and his desertion as a father and husband.

After his mother’s passing, Steven delves deeper into insanity, and tries to convince Rachel and Brooke of his belief that Danica is the second coming of Christ and that the Freemasons were the ones behind her detainment.Steven believes that if he doesn’t save her they will kill her.Now everyone is headed their separate ways, Steven trying to save Dani from the Freemasons, Brooke trying to protect Dani from her unfit parents, Rachel trying to save her marriage to Steven, meanwhile a shady and deceitful social worker is trying to pull Danica away from everyone she’s ever known by placing her with some hopeful adoptive parents.

In this cautionary tale of the fate of a small child, you will find yourself questioning parental rights, and you’ll be torn between anger, fear, and sympathy for all who are involved.The Fight for Golden Dawn is a story that will give you a new perspective on foster care and parental rights, and just how much the government should or shouldn’t be allowed to intervene in a child’s life.

"Page-turning debut novel based upon a real life story. Dialogue heavy writing is fast-paced and interesting."

" This book will tick you off, and rip your heart out. That's saying a lot for any book."

-reviewers from Goodreads

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