Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Coming 2/11/09

Bombshell is the story of a topless dancer who dreams of being a cop, and the handsome Sheriff's deputy who falls in love with her.

Marina "Shimmer" Hudson dances at the Whispers Gentleman's Club. Marina's patience wears thin with her boyfriend Matt the rare coin collector as she questions whether or not she truly loves him, and even more thin with the customers at the club who speak rudely to her or break the always enforced "no touch rule" during lap dances. With prostitution and scandal all around her, she cannot wait to finally realize her destiny of finally getting her badge and saying goodbye to this shady life forever.

One night when the owner of the club is killed, Marina meets Deputy Graham Green, who promises to help her get to academy. But does Graham's haunting past deter her from accepting his help or will she succumb to the feelings of love that have been brewing all the while?

And can he be trusted?

With her loyal dancer friend Silver at her side, what will be Marina's fate?

Bombshell is a clever story with plenty of poignant moments, packed with humor and sorrow. Jessie Terwilliger brings you into the exotic dancing industry in this spicy and zealous tale with her brilliant prose, and will leave you thirsting for more. In a story that could be the closest thing to a love story that Terwilliger ever writes, you'll see why this new author is obviously a gift to the world of literary fiction.

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