Thursday, September 24, 2009

Life Imitating Not Yet Made Art

I drove over to my hometown of Yucaipa today to see the damage done by the third fire in the area this month, which burned behind Yucaipa High School where I graduated from. Magic Mountain is all charred, and where the Y used to be is just a somewhat messy triangle of dust in the middle of the black.

Why is this relevant? Well, they caught the kid. Kid, as in 16 year old boy, who was seen riding off from the flames on his bike. He's suspected of lighting the other two fires this month as well.

As I've sort of mentioned, Rest In Peace Walter Montague: Completely Defeated By Life is about an arson siege that rips through a small town in Southern California not unlike Yucaipa--in fact, most likely Yucaipa. I was thinking originally more like Beaumont because the story originally popped in my head some time during the trial of Raymond Lee Oyler, who started the Esperanza Fire and several others, killing five firemen.

Walter Montague, who goes by Willy (because "Wally" is a stupid name, almost as stupid as Walter,) is your average punk ass kid on a long board. He's also the son of the Chief Arson Investigator, Noelle Springer.

Noelle, single mom extraordinaire is currently working on apprehending the arsonist who has been causing billions of dollars in damage and resources. Imagine her surprise when she finds that Willy may be the one behind the rash of fires.

Imagine Willy, completely innocent, but guilty as charged.

Imagine Noelle's shock when she discovers who really has been setting the fires--just a little bit too late.

It's more complicated than that. And I think that this will be my NaNoWriMo novel, provided I get my research done in time.

Hopefully they got the right guy over there in Yucaipa Town. Poor place is surrounded by scorched hills. It's a sorry state to see the place in.