Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just When The Story Gets Good

I hate it when a blogger or an author goes on a "hiatus" to pursue their other hobbies, such as rock climbing, starting a professional billiards career, or serial murder.  Especially when they've hooked me with a story and go "oh I'll finish it, come back soon!"

I'm looking at you, Jean Auel. 

I'm not looking at Anne Rice because I don't really care for her. 

Alas, I'm sorry but this is just a short note to explain that I am not going to be producing any more books until further notice.  I've always been more recognized (and funded) for my photography than for my writing, and so with times as they are right now, I must concentrate my efforts on my career as a photographer.  There have been far too many opportunities coming up as of late that will need my full attention, and therefore, I don't think I'll be NaNoWriMoing this year either. 

I do, however, have a fully written manuscript for what is essentially "Bombshell 3" in my clutches, and a half written version of #2.  I do not intend to cap my pen forever, just for now. 

I will be back.  I don't know when.  Hopefully it won't be the bullshit 20+ years I see a lot of other authors do. 

Thank you for all of those who have supported and followed me through all of my scattered endeavors over the years.  You are the reason I am able to do anything. 

I'm mad for you. 

Peace, love, and tater tots,
Jessie Terwilliger